Ian Winskill

Thank you Tina Jermey (Iolanda Kennels) for our beautiful Hope, she is fantastic and we love her to bits. So looking forward to our new puppy very soon

Rogers for Canada

Hi Tina, I don’t know if you remember us but almost 13 years ago we adopted our beautiful dog Belaugh (son of Mark) and we brought him home to Canada with us. I thought I’d send some photos. He has been the most fantastic dog anyone could ever ask for. He’ll be 13 in a few months. Thank you


 Les  Stephenson

woo portrait

Adult Woo

Hi Tina I was just browsing the net and popped by your website, and thought what the heck I really should drop you a line, its been 14 months now since I lost Karl, and every day I shed a tear, I just cannot get over his loss! if there was ever a true ambassador for the breed that was him! he gave me soo much, his love and devotion, so kind and sensitive, almost nine years of the best animal I ever have had the privilege to own, train and work with, what a wonderful boy, I keep meaning to pop across and see you.There are many irresponsible breeders out there, but thankfully that can never be said about yourself, nothing but respect from my quarter! Anyway I wish you well and hope that you are keeping healthy, you are one amazing woman! Once again thank you for placing your trust in me and letting me have him, he was and will always be my favourite GSD in the world, bless his heart, always in your debt



Tina has always had lots of dogs either solely owned or in partnership with others. Her dogs I have met have always had correct temperaments & characters & fully health tested or from fully health tested parents if puppies.  Never heard anyone complain about a dog they have owned from her.
She’s had GSDs forever’


‘Had the pleasure of seeing one of the dogs freely trotting in what I assume is the exercise area from the bus the other day – really surprised me how different it was to Anton (whom I assume was produced by a byb) and his movement!’

Diane Holden

I bought my German Shepherd bitch from Iolanda back in 1998. She was the most wonderful pet you could ever hope for. I never had to worry when she was around my children, her temperament was so gentle and she was so patient with them, even when they climbed over her and pulled her tail, never once did she get narky with them. Sadly she died of a twisted gut in 2009, but I treasure all the time we had with her and I will never, never forget her. Tina breeds for good temperament and she does it well.’

Ref: http://www.forum.breedia.com/threads/iolanda-german-shepherds.11293/


We have owned German Shepherds for nearly 30 years, our first being purchased while living in Germany and was smitten from then. We were lucky, as our first was German Bred and had excellent lines, but all others from that time had to be of good quality and temperament in comparison.  Our two from Iolanda have not disappointed! Tina is a conscientious, and thorough breeder who vets for good owners, as her dogs well being are paramount. We would recommend Iolanda  kennels without hesitation!