Owner of Iolanda Kennels – Tina (Iolanda) Jermey, with one of her many stunning dogs

twoCaptureMy late husband Gerry, and I came into the world of German Shepherds in 1976. We began with obedience and the showing of our dogs in Open and Championship Breed shows. By the early 80’s our home bred dogs were achieving CC’s, Res CC’s and Junior warrants.

We moved to our current premises in 1986; Gerry and I had a vision for the future of Iolanda kennels, we excitedly put our vision into action and began to build the future of the Iolanda German Shepherd.  We wanted our name to be recognized for it’s outstanding breed line, temperament, health and winning dogs….slowly that began to happen.

Striding out at 5 weeks

Striding out at 5 weeks

Sadly, Gerry passed away and I questioned whether I could, or would, continue without him. But the enormous passion I had for the GSD could not be discarded and I knew that Gerry would not have wanted all the hard work we had done together to be forgotten, so I continued to finish the journey that Gerry and I had started together.



Very soon I was producing Champions and Iolanda Rena was one of the best, but she was not the last. I have since produced many others, Indo vom Tamaraspitze, Irko vom Nivalda, King Gim, Coco Chanel to name a few.  As well as home breeding, I have also imported my outstanding dogs. One of which was Mark od Gim-A. Mark’s bloodlines are a combination of Italian and German, his Sire was the Italian VA5 Male, Max Dell Alpe Adair. Mark’s Mother, Telga Von Wienerau is of German origin and was bred by the world renowned Wienerau Kennels. This excellent combination of bloodlines was an opportunity I could not resist!

Throughout the years I have kept in touch with people who have purchased from me,  either by their owners boarding them with me, or just paying me a visit – I enjoy seeing the dogs as they grow and adapt to their new environments. Even after all these years I still have the passion and enthusiasm I had back in the 70’s for the German Shepherd and Iolanda continues to grow from strength to strength

Tina enjoying a visit from Reggie

Tina enjoying a visit from Reggie


coco moving

Iolanda Coco in full flight